Why Dating Online is Smart for Everyone

I recently saw a statistic that showed that over 20% of people under 34 have tried online dating. The number falls the higher the age, and among people 60 and over, only 3% had tried online dating. At first, it may seem that older folks have something against dating online, but I beg to differ.

couple that met on match.com

The fact is, older people are much more likely to have already found a significant other or be married. So it's natural that the people in a younger age group would be more likely to use an online dating site. And the fact that sites that target mature people, like Ourtime.com, have become quite popular.

I believe that online dating is a good idea for everyone, simply because it broadens your horizons. Think of the number of people you encounter throughout your daily life. It may be dozens or even hundreds, but compared to the number of people on a large dating site like Match.com, that is still a very small number.

But if you join Match.com, for instance, the number of people in your potential dating pool skyrockets. For a modest monthly membership rate (usually less than $20 if you pick a long-term plan), it's really a pretty great deal when you think about it. Of course, not everyone on the site will be what you are looking for. But that really doesn't matter, since you can use as many filters as you want when you search other members. Therefore, even if you join a very general dating site like Match.com, by using the filters, you can use it to narrow down the people you interact with, thereby creating your own custom dating experience.

People love to get things for free, and many of us have become accustomed to that given the Internet age we now live in. As expected, free dating sites abound, but I have yet to find one that has been decent. If free is what you want, I suggest that you get started on Match.com for free by using the 3-day free trial offer. Once you try out the site, I'm sure you'll agree with me that the monthly membership rate is reasonable given all you get in return. In a later article, I will discuss how to set up your profile to get the best results possible in online dating.