Refilling ink cartridges to save a buck

A while back, I wrote a post about brochure printing, which you can read here if you missed it. Today's article will go over how you can cut costs when doing your own printing.

Printer ink cartridges are expensive, often costing 30 dollars or more, depending on the printer you have. While using coupons and buying from discount ink stores like Inkfarm is one way to cut down costs, there is an even better way to save money on ink, which is by refilling empty cartridges with new ink.

I will admit that it sounds like a hassle, but the fact is, it’s not that difficult if you know what you’re doing. Fortunately, many stores sell ink refill kits, which contain everything you need to get started. It’s important to pick a kit that is compatible with the cartridge you want to refill, so that is something you should confirm before ordering. Typical contents include ink bottles and syringes. What are the syringes for? They are used to inject fresh ink into your empty cartridges.

If you can follow simple directions, you will be able to refill ink cartridges. There are also plenty of videos online that show you how the process works (see below). If you’re new at refilling ink, it wouldn’t hurt to check out some of the videos available to make sure you’re doing everything correctly.

I recommend Inkfarm for purchasing ink refill kits. If you refill a few cartridges on your own and decide it’s not something you like doing, you can always just buy cartridges that have been refilled for you. Such cartridges are called remanufactured cartridges, and you can get them at Inkfarm as well. (Don't forget to use Inkfarm coupons from http://inkjetprinterdiscounts.com/inkfarm.php to get the lowest price.)

You can of course find ink refill kits at local office supply stores as well. On the whole, however, the selection of kits is much more limited. That’s why I advocate finding a good online store and purchasing your kits from them instead.