Game On Video Game Exhibition

game on exhibitionThe video game exhibition called Game On was created to educate people about the history of video games. Currently, the exhibition is in Japan, where it is on display at The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation, also called Miraikan.

The exhibition emphasizes the cultural and social significance of games, and displays technologies going back to 1962. They also offer over 100 playable games to people who visit the exhibit.

Video games have long been controversial. For a long time, people claimed they cause children to be more violent. Others have seem less harm in them but looked upon them as something that simply wastes time.

Then, studies began to be released, and a good number of them showed that video games help people strategize better and can help development of certain brain areas. Today, it seems video games are less vilified, and widely accepted as a legitimate form of entertainment.

The size of the industry has grown significantly, and some people believe it will become the largest parts of the entertainment industry. Already, top video games have budgets that put a lot of blockbuster films to shame, costing hundreds of millions of dollars to develop. This can be a good thing in the sense that consumers can expect increasingly impressive games with terrific graphics and engaging 3D experiences. The downside, however, is that due to the high development costs, buying such games can be quite expensive for consumers.

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