Exploding E-cigarettes

As you've probably noticed, I like to talk about health, and today I'd like to extend that a bit and talk about safety as well.

Recently, there have been a couple stories in the news about e-cigarettes that have exploded on the user. Such explosions can be very dangerous, and as an e-cigarette user, it has made me concerned. Concerned enough, in fact, that I went online to do some research on this topic.

As it turns out, the majority of the exploding e-cigarette cases seem to be related to people who use mods. Mods are special devices that contain large batteries that allow for more flexibility in terms of power and usage. This can be adjusted by the user by the battery they choose, the coils, and wicks. Therefore, it is highly customizable. But all this customizability comes at a price: mods can also be more dangerous IF the user does not know what he/she is doing.

Together with mods, another issue related to exploding e-cigs is using the wrong charger for a device. This is why I try to buy all my e-cigs with starter kits, when the right charger is included with the device you are purchasing. This way, there can be no mistake where you use the wrong charger for your battery.

Aside from that, you should look make sure your e-cigarette does not overheat too much. Watch out for warning signs, and stop using a cigarette if you get it wet or something else happens to it to cause you to believe the battery may be damaged.

Aside from that, I do my best to buy from branded e-cig companies like White Cloud. I don't buy any e-cig where I don't know who the maker is, and furthermore, I don't buy if the e-cig is cheap, or the maker does not have a good reputation. I can trust a company like White Cloud since they have a company and brand standing behind the product, and when that is the case, the company usually goes to great lengths to ensure their products are safe, since the company reputation is on the line, after all. The one disadvantage is that branded e-cigs on the whole are more expensive. But if you use a White Cloud coupon code or other special discounts you can find online, then you can usually get a pretty good price on your order. I usually get my coupons from e-cigbargains.com, so you may want to check them out.

When possible, I try to buy devices made in the US. Unfortunately, it seems most products at the moment are manufactured in China. That is not necessarily a problem so long as you purchase from a well-respected corporation like Kanger.