Acne-fighting supplements you can get at Pureformulas

Many people turn to medication to deal with their acne problem. But because of the number of potential side effects, I always think it's preferable to try supplements first. The problem is that there is so much conflicting advice out there that it's difficult to know what works, and what doesn't.

Here are some acne-fighting supplements I've tried myself, and my results. You can purchase any of the supplements below at Pureformulas, for a discount.

Vitamin E - This vitamin is well-known for being good for your skin. You can either rub Vitamin E oil on your acne blemishes or scars to quicken healing. Another option is to take this vitamin orally. I have noticed some improvement from using Vitamin E, so you should definitely take them.

Vitamin D - Sometimes, acne can result from a Vitamin D deficiency. You can determine if you have a deficiency with a simple blood test. If you are low on Vitamin D, taking a supplement every day can quickly improve your skin and raise your Vitamin D levels.

Apple Cider Vinegar - I've heard that ACV can be diluted with water then used as a toner. I've found this to be effective in treating existing acne, but have not noticed that ACV does anything to prevent new breakouts.

Lemon Juice - This is one of the most effective treatments I've found to date. You can either rub diluted lemon juice on your acne-prone skin, or ingest two tablespoons daily. I like to mix it with juice and drink it every morning. You may be surprised at how effective this method is.

Zinc - Zinc can definitely be helpful in reducing acne, but you just need to be careful about taking too much, since the upper tolerable limit for zinc is relatively low.

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